Big-time conservative and widely-popular radio host, Rush Limbaugh, won’t be happy to hear this news!

A six year old boy brought “Rush Revere and the Presidency” [by Rush Limbaugh] to school. He wanted to read it in class.

Limbaugh is known for his children’s books and has won awards for them. But this Wisconsin elementary school didn’t issue an award to Limbaugh, they [basically] issued a BAN on his book. Because of “inappropriate material”. SINCE WHEN WAS A HISTORY BOOK CONSIDERED ‘INAPPROPRIATE’?

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(I wonder what Rush thinks about this…)

The young boy’s father talked about the incident. He said that his son’s elementary school considers anything written by Rush Limbaugh to be ‘inappropriate’.

Check it out. (Vicki McKenna Show):

First Twitter, then Facebook, now a Wisconsin elementary school? What’s the deal with all of these conservatives being censored?!


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