After the brutal killing of the brave San Antonio policeman, Detective Benjamin Marconi, many people were expecting that President Obama would reach out to his family and offer his condolences. But sadly and unsurprisingly, Obama took a pass.

(President Obama turns a ‘blind eye’ to Detective Marconi’s family when they need him most.)

President-elect Trump, who has garnered the support of many law enforcement officers across the nation, did reach out to the family of Detective Marconi.

According to News 4 San Antonio, the President-elect kindly called the family to offer his heartfelt condolences and well wishes.

Crime scene investigator, Annie Patterson Campos, shared a Facebook post that let people know about President-elect Trump reaching out to Detective Marconi’s family.


(It’s good to know that the President-elect truly cares about brave police officers like Detective Marconi.)

Sadly, President Obama refused to call Detective Marconi’s family. Just like President Obama refused to illuminate The White House in blue after the Dallas policemen were slain. It’s not shocking though, because we’ve seen Obama embrace an organization that endorses the murdering of police officers [Black Lives Matter].

We also saw President Obama send his representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral, despite the fact that he [Michael Brown] robbed a market and assaulted a policeman before he was killed.

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It’s great to know that on January 20th, 2017 — we will FINALLY have a President that supports our law enforcement officers.


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