Protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline have been getting more and more intense as the days go by. The radical, left-wing protesters are getting more and more violent as our brave policemen and policewomen try to keep civility.

On Sunday night, roughly 400 radical protesters attacked police who were just trying to maintain the peace. The protesters started to light fires and once they did that, the police attacked back.

Law enforcement officers retaliated with rubber bullets, tear gas, and water. As the crowds got more and more violent, the police got more and more defensive.

The protesters attempted to ILLEGALLY block a public roadway. They tried to cross the Backwater Bridge and get on Highway 1806.  The radical protesters (in my opinion, RIOTERS) set about a dozen fires near the Backwater Bridge.

The police released an official statement which said the protesters were getting “very aggressive” and that they “attempted to flank and attack the law enforcement line from the west.”

The spokeswoman for the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said that the police officers tried to defend themselves from the attacks by spraying water hoses at the crowds. The spokeswoman also said the police had to resort to rubber bullets and tear gas [due to the radical, left-wing rioters trying to assault our brave police].


The entire incident only resulted in one arrest. Scarily, one police officer was hit in the head with a rock but ended up being okay.

(Morton County Police and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have been at odds for numerous months. I do not condemn the peaceful members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. My personal belief is that radical liberals are coming from outside the area to violently protest and to incite riots.)

The police showed up to the protest to prevent the protesters from crossing the Backwater Bridge because of safety reasons. The police were only looking out for the protesters’ safety. The Backwater Bridge was already damaged by radical, left-wing protesters when they set countless fires ablaze on October 27th.

As the protesters get more and more MANIACAL, the police are getting more and more defensive as they bravely try to keep the peace. The police also had to stop the protesters from trespassing onto military property [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land].

Many liberal loons were outraged by the police using water on the protesters because of the cold temperature that night [28 degrees Fahrenheit]. But the same liberal loons didn’t decry the protesters for committing countless acts of arson.

One of the radical protesters said that she arrived to the Backwater Bridge to take part in a peaceful demonstration.

“It was all commotion, very chaotic. All this chaos was caused by the police and their law enforcement putting out the noise cannons, spraying people with water.”-unidentified protester

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I have a message for that unidentified protester. The police did not cause the chaos like you claim. They were simply guarding the Backwater Bridge because of safety reasons and because they did not want your radical group of rioters to do anymore damage to it. Then when your radical group of rioters began to set fires again and began to move aggressively towards the police, they had no choice but to defend themselves.


Tribal healers of the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council called for the police to stop using water cannons, but of course they didn’t call for the rioters to quit lighting fires ablaze.

“There are multiple fires being set by protesters on the bridge and in the area of the bridge.”-Donnell Hushka [Morton County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman]

One of the rioters HILARIOUSLY tried to say that the fires were “peaceful bonfires”. Sorry, but you can’t justify arson, you rioter!

(Oh look. A “peaceful bonfire”.)

The radical protests have gotten more and more violent over the past few months. They are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline [which is a pipeline that would provide numerous jobs to the American people] because of the 1,172-mile pipeline cutting through Native American land.


(The pipeline would provide anywhere between 8,000 and 12,000 jobs for the American people. But these selfish protesters won’t allow it.)

The radical protesters say that the oil pipeline would be very destructive to the environment and would ruin Native American burial sites, prayer spaces, and culturally important artifacts.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe says that the oil pipeline could ruin their water supply [since the oil pipeline is planned to be built under the Missouri River]. Despite no evidence of the pipeline ever being able to ruin their water supply, the tribe continues to exclaim that falsehood.

 (These high school students chose to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.)

The protesters complain that the pipeline would damage the environment, yet they set fires everywhere like that’s not damaging the environment. And the radical, left-wing protesters have not only been attacking police and setting fires ablaze, they’ve also destroyed construction equipment on the site.

Left-wing socialist and former Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders, has continuously lied about the protests. He’s said that the protesters are peaceful and he’s also condemned the police, despite the fact the police are only trying to maintain civility.

Due to the radical protests, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has delayed the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline would cost 3.7 billion dollars to create. The supporters of the pipeline claim that the pipeline would be safe and efficient. But for some reason, these liberal loons continue to radically protest.


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