Due to President Obama’s divisive language, the relationship between police and black communities have been torn apart more than ever. And just yesterday, three brave policemen were shot down in cold blood.

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Three policemen targeted and SHOT, two of them survived but one of them sadly passed away.

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In Texas, Detective Benjamin Marconi (50 years old) pulled over a vehicle and was writing a ticket for a traffic violation. While Detective Marconi was in his car writing the ticket, a car pulled up behind him and the driver hopped out. The unidentified man then walked up to the detective’s window and shot the detective in the head. Then the cowardly attacker reached in the window and shot Detective Marconi a second time! The unidentified man then got back into his car and drove off! The cowardly attacker is still on the run from the law.

On Sunday afternoon, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor said that the shooting was “shocking and sobering”. She then asked the entire community to remain “calm and prayerful” as law enforcement continues to search for the cowardly gunman.

Then in another state (Missouri), a St. Louis policeman (46 years old) was sitting in his patrol car while waiting in traffic. A car pulled up right beside him and a man in the car shot out of his window, two bullets flew out and hit the policeman in his face. AMAZINGLY, the policeman who was shot in the face is expected to live, as he is now recovering in the hospital.

The thug (who attempted to kill the policeman) was eventually found. The thug got into a shootout with other police officers and eventually was killed. The thug was a 19 year old man.

Then in another state (this time Florida), a Sanibel police officer was shot by a “drive-by shooter”. The police officer is still recovering from the injuries but he is currently out of the hospital.


(Sanibel, Florida police officer [Jarred Ciccone] was shot yesterday.)

The “drive-by shooter” was eventually apprehended.


Not only were there just three policemen shot yesterday, but the eventual tally ended up being four. UNBELIEVABLE!

When you have a President that embraces Black Lives Matter (a radical, left-wing group that supports the murdering of cops), it’s no wonder that our brave men and women in law enforcement are in more danger than ever!


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