Ever notice how liberals claim to be “tolerant” yet when someone has a different view on something than them, they lash out? Ever notice how liberals claim to be against “bullies” yet they’re the biggest bullies that God’s ever sent to this earth?

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Well, we’ve seen limousine liberals BOOED off the stage due to their unfunny anti-Trump jokes. We’ve seen celebrities TOTALLY LOSE THEIR COOL and have an EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN over Donald Trump winning. For some reason these arrogant, thickheaded, dense Hollywood liberals JUST DO NOT GET IT! The entire nation (electorally) chose Trump over Hillary because we want jobs to return to America and we want peace, prosperity, sovereignty, and security. But limo-liberals still cannot get that idea through their head!


Celebs tried to get Hillary elected by campaigning for her and it DIDN’T WORK yet the “tolerant” left continues the onslaught of attacks on the amazing Trump family!

(The beautiful Trump family has been under attack by limousine liberals!)

So liberals always like to claim that they stand for ‘women’ and that they stand for ‘immigrants’, yet the left continues to attack the President-elect’s wife … And last night, the co-hosts of the AMA’s mocked Melania’s Slovenian accent!

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(AMA’s Co-Hosts, Gigi Hadid & Jay Pharaoh disgracefully made fun of Melania & Donald Trump last night.)

Watch these two self-righteous, liberal elites MOCK the future President and First Lady.

Why didn’t any liberal hosts ever mock President Obama and Michelle Obama at the AMA’s? Hmmm, the world may never know!

This lady had the PERFECT RESPONSE to the hypocritical liberal host, Gigi Hadid:

Tell me your thoughts about these two liberal elites bullying Melania Trump!


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