Due to sanctions against Russia (set by the EU and the USA), President Obama did not have a sit-down meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin!

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Relations between the USA and Russia are (currently) at an ALL-TIME-LOW. Obama and Putin absolutely cannot stand each other and in the final ‘showdown’ between the two (possibly the last time these two men ever meet), they briefly shook hands and didn’t seem to show any love WHATSOEVER!

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(Image above is from earlier this year in September.)

The Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama have relentlessly claimed that Russia hacked into the US gov’t and was attempting to rig the general election. Despite these bold claims (that Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, vehemently denied), President Obama DID NOT accuse Prime Minister Putin of any such ‘rigging’ when they met in person.

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The two had a quick chat but the chat did not get anything accomplished (naturally).

In the footage below, you can see the lazy handshake that the two men give each other before they both quickly walk away. NO LOVE LOST!

LOL! Definitely an awkward chat and an awkward conclusion to the conversation. I would not want to be in that room during this moment. Talk about utter awkwardness. President Obama and Prime Minister Putin have both been in COMPLETE STAGNATION with each other when it comes to strengthening US-Russia ties, along with Middle East policies.


There are many rumors circulating that Prime Minister Putin is waiting for President-elect Trump to take office so that (maybe, just maybe) ties between US and Russia can SOMEHOW be bound! Trump and Putin have both talked nicely about each other and they’ve both expressed high-interest into diplomatically discussing interests with each other.

Russia’s UK Ambassador, Alexander Yakovenko, said that Russia attempted to secure an official, sit-down meeting with President Obama at APEC — but the US refused (due to the sanctions placed against Russia. The sanctions were put in place due to their [Russia’s] treatment of Ukraine and their reckless airstrikes in Syria).

“We have been trying to coordinate with this US Administration. We’ll continue doing so with the next one.”-Russia Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko

After Trump won the election and became the President-elect of the USA, Trump and Putin had a conversation over the phone. Trump (reportedly) complimented Putin on his leadership by saying that he “has been a leader far more than our president.” Trump and Putin both strongly concurred that US-Russia relations were “extremely unsatisfactory”.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for President-elect Trump and Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Why can’t the US and Russia be friends? Well, I don’t know! All I know is that it’s GREAT to see President Obama get the HELL Out of the White House (come January 20th, 2017)! Obama’s been a TOTAL WIMP in so many ways, but ESPECIALLY when it’s come to negotiations with Putin. Hopefully, Trump and Putin can secure a friendship (or AT LEAST a strong ‘business-only’ tie and both team up to destroy ISIS).


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