Globally-respected and nationally-known military man, US Marine Corps General (ret.) James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, met with President-elect Donald Trump earlier today at Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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Reports say that General Mattis is the favorite for the post of Defense Secretary in Trump’s administration.

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Trump and Mattis had a private meeting that lasted a little over one hour.

Nothing is guaranteed as of right now but President-elect Trump is (reportedly) highly impressed with General Mattis.

General Mattis had a loaded resume and is renowned by (pretty much) everybody. He’s extremely respected (militarily and in the government).

General Mattis served a whopping 44 YEARS in the US Marine Corps. He was a combat commander that led a task force into Afghanistan (2001), a division of US Marines into Iraq (2003), and was lauded for his tremendous bravery and leadership of US Marines in the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq (2004). The Battle of Fallujah is one of the most deadly and bloody battles in the Iraq War.

(James Mattis is a highly decorated and highly respected 4-Star General.)

General Mattis also MAJORLY agrees with President-elect Trump on how horrible of a deal the Iran nuclear deal is.

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General Mattis is well renowned in the US Armed Forces and he is known to be heavily respected and very much so LOVED by his fellow US Marines.


When President-elect Trump and General Mattis stepped back outside of the clubhouse, the media threw some questions at them.

All Trump had to say was that Mattis “is the real deal. He is the real deal.”


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