From June 2015 (when Trump announced his candidacy) up to this current moment, the liberally-biased, corporate, mainstream media has dishonestly reported and inaccurately covered the now President-elect, Donald Trump!

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But despite the media still being TOTALLY AGAINST President-elect Trump, the soon-to-be 45th President ordered hot chocolate out to warm up the media (who were sitting out in the New Jersey cold weather).

I find it really interesting how Hillary Clinton treats the Secret Service absolutely horribly, despite the fact that they are bravely protecting her. And President-elect Trump treats the liberal media so kindly, despite the fact they are always attacking him.

It’s really easy to see the difference in character between Hillary and Trump, and this is just another incident that proves it! Bravo to President-elect Trump for treating the liberal press so generously, even though they are rabidly out to get you.

(Also, read the video’s description. The uploader wrote “Trump shows decency to the press. Too bad they will never return the gesture.” That sums it up, folks!)


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