Hamilton‘ on Broadway has been receiving A LOT of attention lately after the stunt they pulled on VP-elect Pence. The actor lectured Pence about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ … Well, the ‘Hamilton’ show should practice what it preaches. Because sending out audition notices that say ONLY ‘non-white’ performers can audition is NOT VERY INCLUSIVE. Ostracizing white people from auditions is the polar opposite of inclusiveness!

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The cast of  ‘Hamilton’ has received praise from liberals for having a cast filled with African-Americans and Latino-Americans. But how the directors (and staff) of ‘Hamilton’ ran the auditions may have broken the New York City Human Rights Law.

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(This sign summarizes what the ‘Hamilton’ audition notice said.)

Civil rights attorney, Randolph McLaughlin, says the audition notices that say ‘non-whites’ are only allowed to audition is a huge problem and unlawful.

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(Civil rights attorney, Randolph McLaughlin)

“What if they put an ad out that said, ‘Whites only need apply’? Why, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians would be outraged.”-Attorney Randolph McLaughlin

Attorney Randolph McLaughlin also said that “You cannot advertise showing that you have a preference for one racial group over another.”

Yeah, well obviously NOT! ‘Hamilton’ didn’t just show that they have a preference for one race over whites. But ‘Hamilton’ had a preference for ALL OTHER RACES over whites.


The Broadway union that oversees ‘Hamilton’ (to ensure that every worker is treated fairly) said that the  ‘non-whites’ audition notices violated their policy. Their policy is that auditions “will be conducted in such a manner as to provide full and fair consideration to actors of all ethnicities.”

One of the representatives for ‘Hamilton’ said that the Broadway union approved the ‘non-whites’ audition slips. But the union denied ever allowing such thing.

So either the representative is a big liar … or the union did not ensure the fair treatment of whites, which means the union did not do what it is supposed to do!

The idiotic producer of ‘Hamilton’, Jeffrey Seller, said that he stands by the ‘non-whites’ notice. Seller also said that he believes it [the ‘non-whites’ notice] is legal.


Imagine if the notice said ‘seeking non-blacks’ or ‘seeking non-Hispanics’ or ‘seeking non-Asians’?! The liberals would [probably] be rioting!

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But since the audition notice said ‘seeking non-white men and women’ it’s okay to discriminate based on race all of a sudden! What a joke! #BoycottHamilton! Not only for bullying VP-elect Pence but ALSO for being racist against white people!


(‘Hamilton’ producer, Jeffrey Seller, is just another self-hating white liberal who feels ‘white guilt’ for no reason whatsoever.)

Tell me what you think about this ‘non-whites’ audition slip! I think it is atrocious that we are in 2016 and people are still discriminating against others because of race! White, black, brown, yellow, red — any color of skin! It doesn’t matter! Discrimination is WRONG!


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