Barstool Sports claims to be a sports site that is “by the common man, for the common man” yet they just insulted the Republican Party and all of it’s supporters!

The official Twitter handle of the House Republicans (@HouseGOP) posted an image of VP-elect Pence with a group full of Republicans! They happened to be all white people (like it even matters) and therefore Barstool Sports (a website that all Republicans should boycott immediately) called Republicans “f**king idiots“.

(Boycott Barstool Sports immediately, folks!)

Apparently, Barstool Sports has a problem with a picture of a happy group of Republicans celebrating their great wins (that happened on Nov. 8th)! Why does Barstool Sports have a problem with the positive image? Because they are all white people! That sounds pretty bigoted and racist to me!

Check out the Barstools Sports ‘anti-white’ article at this link (and then boycott the website forever after you finish reading):


Thank you for your support!