Hillary Clinton’s supporters’ favorite slogan is “Love Trumps Hate”. Well, if they truly believe that then they’re not doing a good job of showing it!

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Michael Banerian, one of  Michigan’s 16 electors, is receiving DEATH THREATS from radicalized liberals. All of the people who are threatening the Michigan elector are ‘Anti-Trump’ protesters. They are trying to scare the Michigan elector into betraying the voice of the people and voting for Hillary Clinton (instead of Donald Trump) when the Electoral College submits their votes on December 19th.

“The Republican Party is the party for the next generation of Americans. There’s this false perception that Republicans are all old, rich, white people which is just not the case.”-Michigan elector, Michael Banerian

One of the MOST GRAPHIC and INTIMIDATING threats that he [Michigan elector, Michael Banerian] has received is one in which the person said that he (or she) will “put a bullet” in his [Michael Banerian’s] mouth.

(The 22-year-old Michigan elector, Michael Banerian, has repeatedly been threatened by Hillary supporters.)

“I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive.”-Michigan elector, Michael Banerian

The Detroit News verified that a Hillary supporter threatened to kill Michael Banerian if he voted for President-elect Trump on December 19th. (It’s very apparent to me that all of the people who are threatening Michael Banerian are indeed, Hillary supporters!)

Sadly, the mainstream media fails to cover this intense story. But imagine if Hillary won the election and a Trump supporter was threatening to “put a bullet” in an elector! The mainstream media would be all over it! The mainstream media’s liberal bias NEVER FAILS to prove it’s bias more and more each day.

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These threats [that Michael Banerian is receiving] are sadistic and I hope the police detain the Hillary supporters that are threatening this man! Tell me your opinion on this INSANE situation!


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