There are rumors circulating that President-elect Trump is considering to bring Mitt Romney aboard the Trump Cabinet and appoint him to be Secretary of State.


This is a very interesting situation as both Trump and Romney have a rocky past with each other. President-elect Trump ENDORSED Mitt Romney back in 2012 when Romney was the GOP Presidential Nominee. Sadly, Romney lost! Fast-forward to 2016, not only does Romney REFUSE to endorse Trump, but he begins to TRASH Trump by calling him a ‘phony’ and a ‘fraud’.

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(How much more traitorous and ungrateful could you be? You insult the man that once endorsed you and supported you? This is why I still DO NOT trust that snake, Romney!)

Romney repeatedly insulted Trump for months in 2016 — BUT once Trump won the Election, Mitt Romney reached out to Trump and congratulated him. So it seems the two have reconciled.

The meeting between Trump and Romney began around 1 PM at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump stood with his VP-elect as Romney approached the two men. Romney generously shook Trump’s hand and said “Mr. President-elect, how are you, sir?”


Romney then generously shook VP-elect Pence’s hand and the three men entered the building to begin the meeting.

Rumors have spread that Trump is considering Romney and that Romney is interested in the Secretary of State position, but nothing’s confirmed. Many political analysts assume that Trump will not give Romney the post, due to the hostile past the two have.

After the meeting [between Trump, Pence, and Romney] concluded, Romney is seen exiting the building as Trump and Pence bid him a farewell. 

Romney then briefly addressed the media…

“We had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters of the world … where there are interests of the United States of real significance.”-Mitt Romney

Romney is just one of many individuals to meet with Trump and Pence at Trump Nat’l (Bedminster, N.J.) this weekend. Former NYC Mayor and staunch Trump advocate, Rudy Giuliani will meet with Trump and Pence tomorrow. Also, N.J. Governor Chris Christie, who also endorsed Trump, will meet with Trump and Pence on Sunday.


(President-elect Trump and VP-elect Pence walking outside the clubhouse at Trump Nat’l in Bedminster, N.J.)

There are many other individuals that will be meeting with Trump and Pence on Sunday. One of Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller, said that some of the visitors could potentially be hired to Trump’s cabinet and some “are purely coming to offer their advice.”

So what are your thoughts on Mitt Romney? Would you like to see him in the Trump Administration? Tell me your thoughts!


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