The left-wing continues to display it’s intolerance — despite claiming that they’re the tolerant ones.

23-year-old Black Lives Matter activist, Shacara McLaurin, was charged with a felony for brutally attacking a 74-year-old Trump supporter. 

The assault occurred outside of the Trump Hotel (NYC). Shacara McLaurin’s lawyer tried to justify the vicious assault by saying the 74-year-old man called her names.

A report by The Daily Caller described the entire incident:

A 23-year-old woman shoved a geriatric man to the ground Thursday night during protests outside the Trump Hotel in New York City.

The woman, identified as Brooklyn resident Shacara McLaurin, allegedly pushed the older man to the ground after he yelled “All Lives Matter.” The incident happened around 10:45 pm, according to the Daily Mail.

An NYPD spokesperson said the man “suffered substantial pain and dizziness.”

The assailant was associated with Black Lives Matter and was noted for being an anti-bullying activist with the group Stomp Out Bullying. She began her work on this campaign after being the victim of an attack by her classmates in 2011.

You can watch this radical liberal, Shacara McLaurin, leave the courtroom in the video below. She obviously feels no remorse about viciously attacking an elderly man.

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