Navy SEAL Carl Higbie (Trump supporter) was on CNN a few days ago and he brought up the incident that occurred where a Trump supporter got attacked by a gang of black men, all because he voted for Trump. 

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(An image from the disturbing footage of the white Trump voter getting viciously assaulted by a gang of Democrat-supporters.)

What did the CNN correspondent say when Carl Higbie brought up the white man getting beat up by the gang? Well the correspondent just laughed it off! She mocks the Trump supporter and mockingly says “Oh my goodness, poor white people!” WATCH IT FOR YOURSELF! IT WILL MAKE YOU LIVID!

The CNN anchor did not even try to dispute the CNN correspondent’s inhuman remarks. Of course not, they are the ‘Clinton News Network’ that doesn’t care about Trump voters! 

Obviously CNN doesn’t about ‘poor white people’ or Trump voters who get viciously assaulted for no reason (other than the fact that they support Trump)! Kudos to Navy SEAL Carl Higbie for civilly discussing while this woman totally dissed the white Trump voter.


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