Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City has surely hired an ‘anti-white’ jerk to his staff. 

A senior adviser to De Blasio is in hot water after posting an image that says ‘F**k Whiteness’ on Facebook. This sign is an attack on white Americans everywhere. How atrocious!


Lincoln Restler is the adviser that posted this image on Facebook. One of Mayor De Blasio’s spokespersons said that the post was ‘inappropriate’. He said that it was intended to protest ‘white supremacy’.

What a STUPID EXPLANATION for that image. It clearly says ‘F**k Whiteness’, which attacks white people. If it were meant to attack white supremacy then it would say ‘F**k White Supremacy’.

Imagine if someone held up a sign saying ‘F**k Blackness’ or ‘F**k Brownness’! THE LIBERAL MEDIA WOULD BE FUMING!

Tell me your thoughts on this disgusting picture!


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