The left-wing is getting more and more radical as the days go by! Some pedophiles are claiming that pedophilia is just a sexual orientation and many liberals are supporting that idea!

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(Even the liberal rag,, is trying to get YOU to reason with pedophiles! Check out their disgusting article, that tries to justify pedophilia:


(This video above shows a man who totally rips into for trying to justify pedophilia!)

A 43-year-old man from Tennessee claims that he is an ‘ethical pedophile’. In an interview with Barcroft TV he said “I am a pedophile. I’m not a monster. I have the attraction but I don’t act on it.”

(My opinion: No, you are a monster and you are mentally deranged and need to be locked up before you do act on it, perv!)

The pedophile also said, “I have never ever sexually abused a child and I never will. I do not look at child porn, I never will.”

He also said that he wants to ‘end the demonization of pedophiles’.

And Barcroft TV and the liberal media are trying to force this radical agenda on us, of normalizing pedophilia.

(Read more about liberals sticking up for pedophiles here: )



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