Florida was a vital swing state that Trump won, but the Cuban-Americans in Florida played a big role in Trump’s victory over Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton!

Half of the Cuban vote in Florida went to Donald Trump! Which was a surprising twist which pushed Trump over the edge to get the win in Florida!

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In the Miami area, there are approximately 260,000 Cubans who are Republicans. And they have a nice record of turning out to vote — and they did so for Trump, which propelled him to the win.

The liberally-biased, mainstream media greatly hyped up the notion that Trump would not get much of the Hispanic vote but instead he picked up a large portion of it, mostly due to his economic plans and his policies that will fix Hispanic communities across the U.S.A.


Trump only lost the Hispanic vote by a number of 65-29. Hillary got 65% of the Hispanic vote but Trump got 29% of the Hispanic vote, which was higher than many pundits presumed. Trump got 2% more of the Hispanic vote than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

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Despite Trump’s tough tone on illegal immigration and his talk about building a great wall on our southern border, Hispanic-Americans came around for Trump and a big enough portion of Hispanics voted for Trump!


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