Anti-Trump protesters ILLEGALLY blocked off the roads which delayed an ambulance from successfully commuting to the hospital in time, which costed a man his life.

A worker for the medical center posted this message on Facebook.


“I can’t today. They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter.”

The unidentified worker said that in reference to the ‘safety pins‘ that liberals have been giving out to fellow liberals to show support for ‘vulnerable people’. Such as minorities, immigrants, women, and LGBT people who are fearful that they’ll be oppressed by President-elect Trump.

Anti-Trump rioters have blocked off multiple highways across the country. They’ve blocked off I-94 in Minneapolis, I-5 in Portland, countless roads in Los Angeles, a highway in Phoenix, and I-95 in Miami. 


Some motorists have refused to stop for the Anti-Trump rioters and have rightfully taken matters into their own hands. Take a look for yourself in the shocking video below!

In the footage above, it’s hard to disagree with the driver’s decision to run into the rioter. And after this shocking revelation about a 4-year-old girl’s dad dying due to rioters blocking the streets, you can expect drivers [who are blocked by Anti-Trump rioters] to continue to be more irate than ever.

We’ve heard Hillary supporters make multiple death threats to Trump and his fans. Even a woman said that casualties will have to occur in order to prevent Trump from being inaugurated. By casualties, I wonder if she meant this poor man in the ambulance who died due to the Anti-Trump rioters illegally blocking the roads?


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