The only way Donald Trump could defeat the rigged system and win the GOP Nomination was through massive landslides. And it took another landslide for him to defeat Hillary Clinton…

Trump won vital battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The ‘Deplorables’ rose up and voted for him. He campaigned with incredible willpower and strength as he his multiple states in the final few days before Election Day… While Hillary took it easy, as she did the entire campaign.

This was an ‘anti-establishment’, nationalist, populist campaign. Trump converted solid blue states into fully red states. No other Republican could attract such support from solid blue states but his message came across and the American people got behind him. They refused to vote the way the establishment, the media, and the big businesses wanted them. 

The Republican won the US Senate last night and the Republicans won the US House last night. For the GOP and all of its’ supporters, last night couldn’t have gone any better. And with all of this Republican support entering and staying in Washington D.C., Donald Trump’s policies will be quickly passed and his vision for America will quickly become reality. 

Trump overcame a relentless media attack that mislabeled him as a ‘misogynist’ and a ‘sexist’ — yet many American women saw through the facade and voted for Trump. Many women of America (unexpectedly) refused to vote for  Hillary, despite her pleas to get their vote due to the fact that she is a woman.

Image result for women for trump

Image result for women for trump

Trump had to win in a landslide to defeat the rigged system and won in a landslide, he did. He’s a populist, a nationalist, a patriot, a ‘liberty-lover’, ‘freedom-fighter’, and a strong leader. He’s a ‘blue-collar businessman’ who has the heart of the people and relates to American workers.

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Take a look at the electoral map and see all of the vibrant red that fills up the image. Trump is your next President of the U.S.A., with his V.P. Mike Pence beside him, along with a Republican Senate and House, along with incredible military support from experts, veterans, and more

Donald Trump won in a landslide, take a look for yourself:


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