Donald Trump has won the election and will be your 45th President of the U.S. and will be inaugurated on January 20th, 2017! 

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The night started off nicely for Trump and he took the early lead and he once lost the lead for a little bit of time but quickly reclaimed it and then never looked back!

It became clear that Trump would win once he won many battleground states and then won some key blue states (by turning them into red states).

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Electorally, Trump blew Hillary out of the water. Trump also won the popular vote!


Trump won in vital swing states and even turned a few blue states into red states!

For the first time since 1980, Pennsylvania was a red state on election day and Trump won the state!

Trump won 276 electorates (and more could come) opposed to Hillary’s 218 electorates. He also won the popular vote.

Donald Trump and his supporter-base has totally rocked the world and has taken down the corrupt media, establishment, and corporations. Trump and his campaign overcame deceitful media that was biased towards Hillary. Trump overcame the establishment that tried to hold him down. This was a populist movement and it was enough to win the White House!

Donald Trump spoke with his family by his side and the next V.P. Mike Pence and his family was up on stage as well. He commended Hillary for her campaign that she ran.

This is a victory that shocked America and shocked the world. The pre-election polls did not pick up this overwhelming victory that came for Trump!

Hillary Clinton called for Donald Trump to concede, even AFTER it was announced that Trump won. Finally, after she got her head out of her ‘arse’ she called Trump and told him that she would concede to him. 

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Sadly, Hillary is the first ever presidential candidate NOT to give a concession speech after losing. Hillary also questioned whether Trump would give a concession speech if he lost. How hypocritical of her!

(UPDATE: Hillary will give her concession speech tomorrow morning.)

A crazy night, an eventful night, a night of nervous feelings, but a wonderful night! Trump really kicked ass and Hillary didn’t even come close!

Your next V.P. Mike Pence and your next President Donald Trump!


WOW, WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT! I am so proud of Mr. Trump and his campaign — overcoming the odds and overcoming the establishment and overcoming the liberally-biased, mainstream media!



What an amazing night. Thank you for reading!