You can see Hillary being helped to the car by her husband, Bill. She is clearly staggering and seems to have stumbled as she approached the automobile!

Hillary was getting off of her plane and heading down the stairs, as her husband waited for her at the bottom. 

Watch Bill put his arm around her and seemingly drag her to the car. HOW CAN SHE BE PRESIDENT IF SHE CAN BARELY WALK? She is not healthy enough for the office of the presidency!

If she didn’t stumble than she surely is wobbling back and forth like she’s a drunkard that just left an Irish pub!

And let us NOT forget about this moment, years ago, when she was boarding a plane and she was so incompetent that she couldn’t even step into the plane WITHOUT falling over!

If she can barely walk and if she trips going into an airplane, she is NOT healthy enough to be U.S. President. NO STAMINA, NO STRENGTH!


I just voted earlier this morning and I voted for DONALD J. TRUMP & MICHAEL R. PENCE! Share this article for others to read and GET OUT AND VOTE!