Last night on ‘HANNITY‘, three of Trump’s kids made an appearance and they made a last pitch to undecided voters on why they need to vote for their dad. 

On 'Hannity,' Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump share how the race has changed them

Ivanka Trump said that ’70 percent of this country believes this country is headed in the wrong direction and he knows what to do to get our country back on track.’

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Donald Trump’s policies are the polar opposite of President Obama’s policies, which have isolated our allies and emboldened our enemies.

Donald Trump Jr. said that the entire Trump campaign has been warmly embraced by many excluded Americans who ‘haven’t had a voice in generations.’ 

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Not only has Trump’s campaign of populism emboldened the voiceless (who now have a voice aka ‘The Silent Majority’) but it has also emboldened younger people who have been caught in the midst of their (overall) liberal generation, even though they don’t necessarily agree with their generation’s (overall) opinion.

Donald Trump Jr. continued on and said ‘They see that look of hope in my father and watching them react to his message and even our message. It’s really special and has changed us a lot.’

Donald Trump Jr. also added that Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton has never been a fighter for the American people because she has always fought for the big businesses and corporations. Trump’s son, Don Jr., also added that Washington D.C. needs an outsider to clean house and ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP.

(GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has pledged to the American people that he will ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP’ of corruption in Washington D.C.)

“This is a rare and unique chance to bring an outsider to Washington D.C. – someone who is willing, able and ready to take on the DC cartel and break it up. Both sides have failed us. This is really about insider vs outsider and we need an outsider to break up this system.”-Donald J. Trump Jr.

GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has been talking about making a run for the U.S. Presidency for years and when he finally decided to take the ‘leap of faith’ in June 2015, he was scoffed at and mocked by newspapers, magazines, high-level TV shows, and every corner of American media had basically laughed at him.

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(As you see in the image above, the media laughed at Trump when he announced his presidential bid.)

But they are not laughing anymore. If Mr. Trump were to shock the world and get a monumental victory tonight, he would be the first President to ever step in the Oval Office without an ounce of political experience. But that’s what his appeal is. He’s not bought out by foreign interests or big corporations, he’s funded his own campaign, he’s not a career politician, he has made himself successful through ‘real life’ work, and he is a ‘straight-shooter’ aka ‘politically incorrect’.

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Trump’s other daughter, Tiffany Trump, made her case to undecided voters, as well. She said that the support of the American voters has inspired him more and more since day one. 

In the video above, watch 3 of Trump’s amazing kids explain why their father, Mr. Donald J. Trump, should be elected the 45th President of the United States of America.


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