A Las Vegas oddsmaker (Wayne Allyn Root) has predicted ‘Trump-Pence’ to win in a ‘Brexit-like’ election result.

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(In the image above, you see GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and Las Vegas oddsmaker, Wayne Allyn Root.)

He says that through every analyst and expert predicting ‘Hillary-Kaine’ to win and through all of the polls (arguably rigged polls) predicting a victory for Hillary, Wayne Allyn Root has continuously said that Trump will be the victor on Nov. 8th!

He says that all of the ‘ingredients’ have fallen into place for ‘Trexit’ (Trexit for Trump) aka our own version of Brexit.

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(In the image above, you see the architect of ‘Brexit’ Nigel Farage and you see Donald Trump.)

This Las Vegas oddsmaker, Mr. Root, has personally told Mr. Trump that he predicts him to come out on top. Mr. Root gave a speech at Trump’s Las Vegas rally, which drew 10,000 fans.

Mr. Root told Mr. Trump that he believes Trump will win by at least 10 points. He then said that The Democrats will cheat by 8 points, so therefore Trump will win by 2.

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(Mr. Root predicts Trump will win on Nov. 8th.)

Mr. Root said:

“My prediction is based on three things. Brexit, Goldman Sachs, and what I call the ANGRY WHITE ELECTORATE effect.”

(To read more about Mr. Root’s prediction of a ‘Trump-Pence’ victory, click this link: http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/11/07/vegas-oddsmaker-predicts-brexit-victory-trump/)