The ‘tolerant left’ strikes again!

A California man, who had a pro-Trump bumper sticker on his truck, had his truck torched and completely totaled by a radical liberal. The reason why the person burned down his truck? Because the owner of the truck is a Trump-supporter! OUTRAGEOUS!

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This Trump-supporter’s name is Hao Lee and in Sacramento, he took his 2-year-old-son fishing. AND THEN SUDDENLY, haywire broke out!

“About a couple hours into fishing I heard someone yelling out ‘F’ Trump … After I heard that glass breaking, I called 9-1-1 and a couple of minutes later I saw smoke.”-Hao Lee discussing the insane event that occurred, when a radical liberal burned down his truck.

When Hao Lee approached his truck, the cowardly criminal (or criminals) was nowhere to be seen. All Hao Lee saw was his truck being consumed by fire!


(If leftists are so ‘tolerant’ like they continuously claim to be, then why do they resort to violence and arson when someone has a different political opinion than them?)

The Trump-supporter, Hao Lee, was obviously SHELL-SHOCKED by this occurrence. He said:

“I didn’t think anyone would do this kind of stuff over bumper stickers. It’s not right.”

Well Mr. Hao Lee, it’s not that anyone would set fire to a vehicle over bumper stickers, it’s the fact that radical leftists vandalize the property of Trump-supporters repeatedly, as we’ve seen this type of activity happen all throughout this entire election process.


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