Democrat Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton has once again been exposed for her utter carelessness when it comes to the handling of extremely-delicate information.


(FBI Director James Comey said that Hillary was ‘extremely careless’ when it came to the handling of highly-sensitive information.)

Despite Secretary Hillary Clinton’s maid NOT having the proper security clearance to handle classified info, Hillary still directed her maid to print off extremely-sensitive information anyways.



Hillary’s housekeeper, Maria Santos, was called upon multiple times to print off classified information for Secretary Clinton. Hillary trusted her main to handle secretive information which once again displays her COMPLETE CARELESSNESS when it comes to the handling of classified info.

Top people at the State Department would send Hillary important documents & classified info and then she would forward those documents to her housekeeper so that she could then print them off for her at her residence. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS SHE THINKING?!

One of Clinton’s requests of her housekeeper was sent to Huma Abedin who then told Clinton’s housekeeper to print off the classified info.

“Pls ask Marina to print for me in am”-Hillary Clinton’s message in an e-mail back in 2011, regarding a message that was marked as ‘sensitive info’.

In 2012, a classified piece of information was sent to Hillary. A personal aide of Hillary then said:

“We can ask Marina to print this.”

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