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(Bernie Sanders speaking at a pro-Hillary rally in Iowa, earlier today.)

Earlier today at a rally in Iowa, where Bernie Sanders spoke on behalf of Hillary Clinton, a Bernie Sanders-supporter jumped on stage and completely went off on Hillary Clinton and her connections to Wall Street!


(In the image above, you see the Bernie-supporter getting taken off of the stage.)

So the Bernie-supporter started venting out his hatred of Hillary — and get this, THE CROWD STARTED CHEERING! This just shows you the lack of enthusiasm that many voters have for Hillary! 

With just a few days until everyone goes to the voting booths and cast their ballots, this is not a good sign for Hillary! If a crowd of people (that’s supposed to be supporting Hillary) starts cheering on a ‘Hillary-hater’ at a ‘pro-Hillary’ event, that’s not very assuring for her on election day!

The man that was drug off of the stage, was a man named Kaleb Vanfosson — who is the President of the ‘Students for Bernie’ group at Iowa State University.

He was supposed to give a speech about the importance of Hillary-fans and Bernie-fans uniting to defeat Trump, but instead he completely ‘tore Hillary a new one’!

“She is so trapped in the world of the elite … She has completely lost grip of what it’s like to be an average person.”-Kaleb Vanfosson, speaking about Hillary Clinton

(Hillary Clinton even admitted that she has lost grip of what it is like to be an average American. Click this link to see for yourself:

Vanfosson continued on and said that the only thing that Hillary cares about is the billionaires that fund her election! 

Watch the footage of this wild occurrence for yourself, below!


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