North Carolina is a battleground state so it is no surprise to see Trump hosting a rally in Selma, NC tonight. At first, the founder of ‘Veterans For Trump’, Matt Miller, came out and spoke to the crowd and talked about how with Trump — we’re going to win! 

Miller then introduced admirals and generals and other U.S. military veterans who got a nice applause from the ‘YUGE’ audience in attendance. And then Miller introduced Medal of Honor recipients and the crowd began to chant ‘USA-USA-USA’, showing their love and respect for the brave men.


(Above you see an image from August when Trump met a very special supporter. This supporter is a Korean War veteran and had a special request that Trump present him with his medal.)

Then a high-ranking military vet came on stage and talked about why he and these veterans on stage are supporting Trump. He said that these veterans know what temperament is and these vets know what is needed to be U.S. President. He also said that Trump and himself and vets are running against the establishment and Washington D.C.-insiders.

The vet also talked about how Hillary endlessly lies and she also says that everything she has handled turns into a failure. He also mentioned that she lied about being in N.Y.C. during the 9/11 attacks and he also mentioned about how she lied about the classified e-mails and how she lied about being shot at in Bosnia. 

Then the high-ranking veteran continued on about why Trump needs to become the next President and also said that Hillary’s motto is “I’m With Her” but Trump’s motto is “I’m With You, the American People”.

Then Lt. General Michael Flynn stepped up to the podium and gave a speech that hyped up the crowd.


(The image above is Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn of the U.S. Army. A friend, advisor, and advocate of Mr. Trump.)

And then Lt. Gen. Flynn introduced Mr. Trump and Trump spoke on the stage in front of the massive crowd, while the military veterans sat up on stage with Mr. Trump!

Watch it all here:

Thank you to our U.S. military! Current and former!


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