Former pollster for President Jimmy Carter, Mr. Pat Caddell, said that this election is resembling the election in 1980 when the anti-establishment candidate, Reagan, won the U.S. Presidency — by a massive margin.


Caddell said that Jimmy Carter’s entire campaign was based off of the premise of Reagan being unqualified and dangerous. When you see how Clinton has demonized Trump, it is strikingly similar to how Carter demonized Reagan.


(Hillary has repeatedly stated that Trump is ‘unqualified’ and ‘unfit’ to be the President of the U.S.A.)

Caddell said Carter and Reagan were neck-and-neck in the polls up until the final weekend when “THE DAM BROKE” and Reagan rapidly rose in the polls by a comfy margin.

The majority of the American people do not trust Hillary and according to ‘ABC News’, the American people’s disdain for her is stronger than it’s ever been. (SOURCE:

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Caddell continued talking and said that the current investigation into her e-mails, after the FBI reopened the case, could be the factor that gives Trump the victory on Nov. 8th.

Watch the video above to hear Mr. Pat Caddell’s words for yourself.


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