With just a few days until voters go to the polling booths and cast their vote, a nice amount of states are starting to look more viable for Trump!

Just last night, ‘FOX NEWS’ displayed that some states are moving towards the Republican side on their electoral map. Earlier today on ‘FOX NEWS’ they announced that New Hampshire is now a ‘tossup’ instead of leaning towards the Democrats.

‘FOX NEWS’ says that New Hampshire is currently a ‘tossup’ but Trump is leading in a few New Hampshire polls. Even one of the polls shows that Trump is in the lead by 5-points.


(Source: http://americanresearchgroup.com/nhpoll/pres16/)

Ohio, which possess a hefty amount of 18 electoral votes, is a battleground state that’s been blue for the past 2 elections. The state is currently a tossup between Trump and Clinton. It’s a vital state for both candidates. Ohio is an extremely vital state for Republicans because no Republican has ever become the President without winning the state of Ohio!

Despite most media outlets claiming that Ohio is a tossup, a nice amount of polls show that Trump is leading. One example is the poll conducted by ‘Remington Research’ that says Trump is leading in Ohio with 46% compared to Hillary’s 42%. 


(Source: http://www.270towin.com/doc_upload/remington_oh_1024.pdf)

(Things are looking good for Trump in Nevada and Ohio as you can see in the tweet above!)

The states that are moving towards Trump’s favor are:

  • New Hampshire – Trump is leading in a New Hampshire poll and the state is currently a tossup, despite it being a state that Hillary was favored to win earlier.
  • Indiana – This state is no longer just leaning to the right, it is now a SOLID REPUBLICAN STATE.
  • Missouri – This state is no longer just leaning to the right, it is now a SOLID REPUBLICAN STATE
It’s definitely no surprise to see that Indiana is a solid Republican state now because Pence is the governor of Indiana and he’s done a fantastic job as the governor of Indiana.
Indiana holds 11 electoral votes and Missouri possesses 10 electoral votes. Both states will be great wins for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence!

In summary and in recap, the ‘Trump-Pence’ ticket is pretty much guaranteed to win Indiana and Missouri and the ‘Trump-Pence’ ticket is now in a dogfight for New Hampshire, which was a state that Hillary was favored to win!


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