Paul Ryan has been under fire lately since he announced he would not campaign with Trump anymore, after Trump’s lewd jokes from 2005 were leaked. There has even been instances where Trump-supporters display their disgust with Speaker Ryan. One example is when they chanted ‘Paul Ryan Sucks’:

But now V.P. Nominee, Mike Pence, is seemingly starting to agree with Trump’s opinion on Paul Ryan more as in an interview with ‘National Review’ he was asked three times about Paul Ryan and if he should be reelected. Mike Pence’s answer to those questions? He didn’t answer! 

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Mike Pence and Paul Ryan have always had a good relationship as two Republicans in the party but when Mike Pence was asked if Speaker Ryan should remain as Speaker of the House, Pence responded:

“My respect for Paul Ryan is boundless. I’m not a member of the House Republican conference anymore. I wouldn’t presume upon what the members of the conference choose.”-Mike Pence

(Left: Paul Ryan, Right: Mike Pence)

According to the ‘National Review’, Mike Pence’s senior advisor made it clear to them that if Pence were still a member of the House, he would vote for Paul Ryan. 

It is odd that Pence didn’t say he would support Paul Ryan or not and it makes you wonder if he is starting to side with Trump more when it comes to the weak leadership of Paul Ryan. 


(Left: Donald Trump, Right: Paul Ryan)

We know that Trump & Ryan have had some problems throughout the campaign and we know that Paul Ryan has not been an avid supporter of the GOP Nominee like he should be. In my opinion, Paul Ryan dislikes Trump as much as his friend, Mitt Romney does. But since Ryan is prominent in the Republican Party still, he has no choice but to go with Trump.

(To read the full interview of Mike Pence by the ‘National Review’, click this link:


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