Former Governor of Mississippi (2004-2012) and Republican, Haley Barbour, appeared on ‘FOX NEWS’ and announced that he’s supporting and voting for Donald Trump.

“If it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, then I’m gonna be for Donald Trump.”-Gov. Haley Barbour

He went onto talk about the choices for the American people, Hillary or Trump, and he said that the American people want change and he continued on talking about how Hillary won’t bring change.

“The American people want change. About 2-out-of-3 American voters say the country is going in the wrong direction.”-Gov. Haley Barbour


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Gov. Barbour continued to speak and talked about how Obama’s policies have failed and said that Hillary Clinton would just be a ‘third term for Obama’ since her policies are seemingly identical to his.

“Donald Trump is going to do some things to change the economy, to create jobs, to clean up the Obamacare mess.”-Gov. Haley Barbour

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(Neil Cavuto & Gov. Barbour)

Former Mississippi Gov. Barbour continued to talk and said that if this election is about issues then the American people are going to vote for Trump since most Americans want change. 

“Hillary Clinton being a candidate for change is like me being a spokesman for ‘Weight Watchers’.”-Gov. Haley Barbour

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Gov. Barbour also appeared on another ‘FOX NEWS’ show and voiced his disdain for John Kasich and Jeb Bush for not honoring their word and backing Donald Trump.

“We are getting more and more Republicans coming home. For those who don’t, I disagree with them. It does disappoint me because, like I say, I see the choice between Trump and Hillary and she is more of the same of which we can’t stand.”-Gov. Haley Barbour

(Jeb Bush and John Kasich are two sore losers who would rather betray the GOP and let Hillary win then honor the pledge and endorse Trump.)

(To listen to Gov. Barbour speak about John Kasich and Jeb Bush’s refusal to support Trump, click this link:

It’s great to see more and more Republicans adding their name to the list of Trump-supporters! Thank you Gov. Barbour for supporting Trump.


Thank you for your support.