With less than a week until November 8th (a.k.a. Election Day), the Majority Leader of the Senate & Kentucky Senator, Mitch McConnell told supporters at his rally that,

“We need a new president, Donald Trump.”

USA Today described McConnell as one of the nation’s most powerful Republicans so this endorsement should ‘open the eyelids’ of any GOP’ers that are still undecided about how to vote on Nov. 8th.

McConnell has kept his silence for months on months until just recently and said that he wants Donald Trump to be “the most powerful Republican in America”.

It’s good to see that McConnell has awoken and hopefully others will realize that the willpower and strength of Trump is what the GOP needs to counter the radical left-wing agendas of the Democratic Party.

McConnell then told his crowd in Kentucky that,

“If America votes like Kentucky, we’ll be fine.”

A vote for Hillary is a vote for globalism and a vote for Trump is a vote for Americanism, nationalism, and sovereignty. A vote for Hillary is a vote for foreign entities to control our government and a vote for Trump is a vote for our government to return to the American people. 




This is a powerful endorsement from a powerful Republican leader and if any Republicans haven’t supported Trump yet, they should be supporting him now. This election is very vital and will dictate the future of our country for decades and decades to come.